Atheos Cloud Based IDE

A web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements, built on top of Codiad.

With simplicity in mind, Atheos is designed to allow for fast, interactive development without the massive overhead of larger desktop editors or skimping on features. Atheos boasts a dedicated team of collaborators and developers, providing features such as:

...and with a team of passionate collaborators the list keeps growing.

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Atheos requires a minimal server installation with Apache2, PHP 7+ and basic R/W access. Atheos has been tested to work on PHP 5.4, however PHP 7 is where active development takes place. There is no database requirement.

The application will work in modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE9+, though it is mostly developed in Chrome.

Getting Started

In order to install Atheos, upload or git clone the latest source files into a directory your web-server has access to, ensure that a few directories and a config file are writeable, and load Atheos in your browser. There is no database and no other server components are required.

For more information please read the installation instructions within source.


Atheos consists of three panels:

Atheos Screenshot

Support the Atheos Project

Hey, this is Liam Siira. If you want to see Atheos be developed further, don't worry; Atheos is my main coding environment, and I have no plans on switching. I try to fix bugs and add features as fast as I can, but if you really want to help support this project, I've setup Github Sponsors as well as a BuyMeACoffee page as a great ways to show your support. I am also a big fan of a reading emails about use cases and seeing Atheos in the real world. Thank you!